Frequently asked questions

TradingFront is a simple, elegant client management platform for RIAs that trade with Interactive Brokers. TradingFront provides IB Advisors with a better, simpler way to view client reports and client data. You can request a demo here
TradingFront provides three core solutions:
•  Client Reporting Portal – elegant, simple reporting.
•  Advisor Dashboard – see the big picture, communicate with clients, and monitor client activity.
•  Easy User Account Opening – With a few quick steps, your clients can open an IB account through your website, they don't need to fill complex IB online application forms anymore.
•  Portfolio Platform (coming soon) – automated compliance, trading, account application portal, CRM system, and more.
TradingFront pulls data from Interactive Brokers and creates an elegant, simple way to see client reports. The data is refreshed daily and enables clients to access a custom portal. Trade in your awkward, hard to read pdf statements for a simple, elegant portal that your clients will love.
Clients will only see your brand and your website. Fully customizable, your TradingFront portal will only show your branding and a web address that you choose.
Never. TradingFront is about enabling your business, not ours.
TradingFront uses client portfolio information only (e.g., holdings, client name, account activity). TradingFront never has access to sensitive client information such as Social Security numbers, logins, or passwords.
Never. Your client information is never provided to anyone, for any reason, period.
TradingFront only stores client portfolio performance information on an encrypted, protected servers with advanced cybersecurity features.
It depends. Kindly refer to your account management contracts and seek confirmation with your Chief Compliance Officer and / or external counsel.
Getting started is easy. Our simple three step process is below:
1.   Get the data – sign our agreement. We will notify IB that you have granted us permission to process client data on your behalf.
2.   Customize – tell us what you want your clients to see. Add your brand and logo artwork for an all-inclusive experience
3.   Sign up clients – tell your clients they are free to sign up to their new portal!
Absolutely. Our data team will personally partner with you and IB to ensure the data is established and feeding properly. Of course, you can reach out at any time with additional questions.